How to Prep & Install Sod | DIY Sod Step-by-Step

  • 2024.07.05
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How to Prep & Install Sod | DIY Sod Step-by-Step

This video is for the confident DIY’er who wants to install sod themselves and cut down on some of the costs. By all means if you’re unsure, higher a professional, BUT it really isn’t all that difficult. Don’t let the size of the job scare you…it’s ALL about the prep work. With a few helping hands you could do your whole lawn in no time at all! I’ll go into more detail in the video but here are the basic steps:

1. Remove any grass, vegetation, or growth of any kind in the area you’re wanting to lay sod
2. Break up the ground (using a tiller if need be) and/or add new topsoil. You’ll want a
good 4 to 6 inch base of good topsoil for the best root system. Be sure to roll the ground out and get the perfect grade now. Preparation is KEY to success.
3. Add lime (if needed…more than likely it is but you can always have your soil tested) and add a starter fertilizer UNDER the new sod.
4. Lay out the sod starting at one side and keep the pattern the same through the process if possible. Butt up the edges tightly and snug them together. Also, be sure that with each new row your seams offset each other…this make sense after watching the video.
5. Roll out the sod with a lawn roller once everything is complete.

It’s a little more detailed than that, but it truly is THAT easy!!

Below Are Some of the Tools and Products You’ll Need…You can probably get most of these things in store, but hey, I’m a sucker for convenience.

Brinly 2-in-1 Push or Tow Lawn Roller –

Stainless Steel Sod Knife –

6” Buck Knife w/ Leather Case –

50lbs Solu-Cal Lime (Covers 10,000 sqft) –

36” Aluminum Landscape Rake –

Chapin 80lbs Spreader (Heavy Duty)… Also doubles for salt in the winter –

Scotts Broadcast Spreader (light to medium duty) –

Scotts Handheld Spreader –


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