There’s A LOT Happening With World of Warcraft Right Now.

  • 2024.04.19
  • SOD
There’s A LOT Happening With World of Warcraft Right Now.

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World of Warcraft is heading into a brand new age and over the last few days we just got massive news across all games. season of Discovery getting some more class tuning and updates to items as well as ranking all DPS and healers where they stand right now, blizzard products officially being back in China and how 2 million World of Warcraft subscribers were gained pretty much overnight, Mists of Pandaria remix testing reviewal, and endless war within data Minds all in today’s video. if you’re a World of Warcraft fan, get ready to grab a cup of coffee cuz we got a big one.

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00:00 – Your Throwing Not Using This.
00:26 – SoD Class Changes
05:17 – Sod THE CRAZIEST Farm.
06:45 – SoD DPS Rankings
10:35 – SoD Healer Rankings
12:12 – WOW! 2 Million More Subscribers
13:45 – Wtf Is Mop Remix?
16:05 – Last Chance For Plunderstorm
16:30 – HUGE War Within News
18:00 – Wtf Is Wrong With People?
19:18 – YOUR Top Comments